My Tayto Memory

My Tayto Memory

Memory Sinead Smith

This photo was taken circa 1995 at a GAA match in Killygarry GFC Co. Cavan. A simpler time of Tayto crisps, and Cavan Cola.

Sinead Smith

Memory Catherine Keane murphy

This photo is from 1977 ,my 5 siblings all have a bag of tayto costing 5p as we had visitors from England ,I am the little baby in my uncles arms .

Catherine Keane murphy

Memory Orla Quirke

Picture is of my uncal Adain or better known as the Tayto Man down in county wexford. Adain use to deliver crips to all the local shops and supper markets in county wexford down as far as where they use to have there old depot in New Ross. As been the oldest bother of 6. And having many nices and nephew. During the summer hoilday every one of the nices and nephews got summer of working on the van delivering the crips.. Uncal Adain was the high lights or all our Christmas as Christmas eve he would deliver all 6 house a Christmas box of tayto and the teddies of the tayto man. Iv many story we could tell about adain and the van. But in county wexford and our family he is the tayto man โ™ฅ๏ธ

Orla Quirke

Memory Martin Peel

A old Mr Tayto we got free with Christmas Crisps years ago . Still have him today very special .

Martin Peel

Memory Enya Dignam

My son Daniel loved wearing his little tayto man suit and always loved mr tayto this photo from 2018 โค๏ธ

Enya Dignam

Memory Noreen Kilmartin

2011 At the Fleadh Cheoil in Cavan. What a great day for the parish.

Noreen Kilmartin

Memory Lorraine Ryan

Christmas 2 years ago when our elf swapped Christmas baubles to make our tree a Crispmas tree ๐Ÿ˜…

Lorraine Ryan

Memory Aimee Mullins

A tayto treat at the top of mount ije, with a view of the natural phenomenon of the electric blue fire

Aimee Mullins

Memory Corey Oโ€™ Brien

My Nan is a Tayto Cheese and Onion addict since she was a child, we spotted Mr Tayto at Barack Obama plaza, she canโ€™t keep her hands off him.

Corey Oโ€™ Brien

Memory Emma Fenton

There is nothing tastier than a bag of Tayto after a day of farming in the summer. My favourite memories are the quintessential Irish picnic on the farm, 3 generations sharing a tasty meal in Co. Clare.

Emma Fenton

Memory Claire Walsh

I got married in 2017 and had my hen on the June bank holiday. One of the best weekends ever! I've always been a bit of a Tayto fiend ๐Ÿ˜‹ so the girls got me a tshirt with MR. TAYTO printed on the front. ๐Ÿ˜

Claire Walsh

Memory Chris Harkin

I once organised an Irish party for my friends in Australia because Iโ€™m constantly telling them how amazing Mr Tayto is!! I wanted them to taste more of tayto products so I ordered different packets. We had a great time and they learned some more facts about Mr tayto!!

Chris Harkin