Let's Play a Game

I have some fun games to keep you entertained . See if you are good enough to get on the scoreboard and why not bring out your competitive side and invite friends to challenge you!

See how far you can make Mr. Tayto run to gain a place on Mr. Tayto’s leader board. Increase your chance of getting on the leader board by getting Mr. Tayto as far as possible on his journey, avoiding hurdles and eating Tayto along the way!

Play Mr. Tayto’s Whack A Pack and see how many packs you can whack against the clock. The more packs you whack the higher your score, but don’t be fooled! As the time ticks along, the speed of the game increases, challenging how quickly you can react to the pack.

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How good is your memory? Challenge yourself and see if you can remember what Mr. Tayto says by following the colour pattern that Mr. Tayto clicks. The further you get in the game, the more you need to remember and the chance you have of getting on the leaderboard increases.

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