Mr. Tayto

Public Figure

Mr Tayto
Mr Tayto
Mr Tayto
Mr Tayto

Mr. Tayto

Public Figure


Dapperly dressed crisp connoisseur.
Love a good joke and known to give a good roast… the humorous kind.. not the hot kind of course - I try to avoid them.
I’m no couch potato! You’ll see me out and about at various social events so keep your eyes peel'ed for me looking fresh and crisp in my iconic red suit.


  • 2007 Irish General Election Candidate
  • 2009 “The Man Inside the Jacket” Autobiography


  • Crisps
  • Cooking
  • New Product Recipes
  • Latin Dancing
  • Romance
  • Outdoor Adventures

Mr. Tayto Recommends

Your friends are here and you need a little something to get the party started...
With it's sizzingly scrumptious taste it's like the glitter ball of party treats. The kind of party snack that puts smiles on faces, laughter in the air and makes every get-together one to remember.
So. go on invite Occasions Corn Straws to be the life and soul of your party.

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More than just a crisp